SimpleUSBCable 12V to MicroUSB Two-Prong Universal Dashcam Adapter

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Your vehicle must be equipped with a factory installed auto-dimming mirror to use this product! 


Dongar Technologies universal dashcam installation kit. The product is a 12V to microUSB two-prong cable. Please note that auto dimming mirror is required. Many customers have utilized this two-prong voltage converter to add USB power for their dashcams. However, this product may or may not be compatible with your application.

Please contact if you have any questions about your vehicle.

Dongar Technologies dashcam adapters allow clean installation of a USB device with no permanent modification to your vehicle. The adapter utilizes the built-in power source connected to your rearview mirror to power a dashcam without the need of additional wires obstructing your view. 

Note: Professional installation is recommended for this product