Is My Vehicle Compatible?

It's easy to verify if you have a compatible vehicle!

  • First, ensure that you have an autodimming mirror. This is required to use our products. An autodimming mirror typically has buttons on it (power or a programmable garage door transmitter). 
  • Access the mirror connector where the original wiring connector plugs in.
  • Compare the connector to the photos in our Vehicle Guide below to find the correct product.
Is My Device or Camera Compatible?

What cameras/devices are compatible?
Only devices allowing power via standard USB are compatible. Devices requiring 12V over RJ11 aka phone plug connectors (e.g. radar detectors from Escort, Uniden and Valentine) are incompatible. Devices using 12VDC barrel jack plugs (such as Thinkware and BlackVue) are not compatible.






DC Barrel Jack (e.g. BlackVue & Thinkware)

RJ11 (e.g. Valentine, Escort, Uniden) 


Is there a compatibility list?
We're working on it. Compatibility varies greatly depending on make, model, year, trim level, options packages, and even factory. It's typically easier for our customers to visually determine compatibility than decipher our existing list.

Why don't you support my GM / Chevrolet / GMC / Cadillac?
We cannot build adapters for any GM brand vehicles due to emergency response features built-into their mirrors.  

I'm still not sure if my vehicle is compatible...
Feel free to fill out a contact form at Sending us photos is greatly appreciated and helps us determine compatibility as quickly as possible!  

Vehicle Guide