Radenso DS1 Radar Detector. Dongar Technologies adapters are compatible with Radenso DS1 Radar Detectors utilizing USB-C power. Our adapters are universally compatible with auto-dimming rearview mirrors. Pick one an adapter for your car today!
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Subaru adapters available now!

radar detector and dashcam install

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At Dongar Technologies, we take pride in creating innovative dash cam wiring solutions. Our products are designed for seamless integration with your vehicles auto-dimming rearview mirror. This means fewer pesky wires, fewer steps, and a solution that's literally out of sight, so you can focus on the road ahead—not the distraction dangling from your dash cam. We're striving to expand our product compatibility across all vehicle brands so everyone can enjoy a safer driving experience!

A few steps to transform your auto-dimming rearview mirror into a power source for your dashcam. A clean and easy wiring solution.