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Dongar Technologies

10-Pin Type B

Dash Cam Power Adapter

Designed for select Toyota, Lexus, & Subaru vehicles*

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Please note that an auto-dimming rearview mirror is required to power this adapter.

This dash cam installation kit includes:

  • Dongar Technologies 10-Pin Type B Dash Cam Power Adapter
  • Three (3) shorty USB cables (MicroUSB, MiniUSB, and USB-C)

*May be compatible with other vehicles. Review our vehicle compatibility guide before purchasing.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Compatibility may vary based on country. Check your vehicle for the correct connector before purchasing. Learn how here.

Check Compatibility
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    Designed with Intention

    Our dash cam power adapter was carefully designed to fit select* Toyota, Lexus, & Subaru vehicles with auto-dimming rearview mirrors,** but may be compatible with other vehicle makes and models.

    *Tested primarily in North America. Compatibility can vary by region, trim, and other factors; double-check here.
    **Adapter will not function without a factory-installed auto-dimming mirror. Digital mirror not compatible.

    Check Vehicle Compatibility

    Complete Installation Kit Includes:

    • 10-Pin Type B Dash Cam Power Adapter
    • Three (3) shorty USB cables (MicroUSB, MiniUSB, and USB-C)

    Learn more about installation


    This chart serves as a sampling of compatible vehicles. If you do not see your car listed, it may still be compatible.*

    Before reviewing this chart, please note:

    • Your vehicle must be equipped with a factory-installed auto-dimming mirror for the adapter to transmit power to your device.
    • Digital mirrors are not compatible.
    • Compatibility can vary by region, trim, and year. We always recommend reviewing our compatibility guide before purchasing.

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    View Compatibility Chart

    Make Model Trims Years
    Toyota 4Runner Various 2020+
    Toyota 86 Various 2017-2020
    Toyota Avalon w/ Lane Departure 2015-2022
    Toyota BZ4X Various 2024+
    Toyota Camry Various 2018-2023
    Toyota C-HR Various 2021
    Toyota Corolla  XSE/XLE 2020-2023
    Toyota Corolla Cross Various 2022
    Toyota Corolla APEX Various 2021-2023
    Toyota Corolla Hatchback SE/XSE 2020-2023
    Toyota Corolla Hybrid Various 2020-2023
    Toyota Highlander Various 2017-2023
    Toyota Highlander LE/XLE/SE/LTD 2017-2023
    Toyota Highlander AWD LE 2017-2023
    Toyota Highlander AWD Various 2017-2023
    Toyota Highlander Hybrid Various 2020-2023
    Toyota Highlander Hybrid AWD Various 2017-2023
    Toyota Highlander Hybrid AWD LE Plus 2017-2023
    Toyota Highlander Hybrid AWD LTD/PLAT 2020-2021
    Toyota Land Cruiser Various 2024+
    Toyota Prius Various 2015-2023
    Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Various 2015
    Toyota Prius Prime Various 2017-2023
    Toyota Prius V Various 2015-2017
    Toyota RAV4 LE/XLE 2016-2018
    Toyota RAV4 Various 2016-2021
    Toyota RAV4 AWD Various 2016-2021
    Toyota RAV4 AWD SE/LIMITED 2016-2018
    Toyota RAV4 AWD LE/TRD 2020-2021
    Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Various 2016-2021
    Toyota RAV4 Prime 4WD Various 2021
    Toyota Sienna Hybrid Various 2021
    Toyota Tacoma SR5 w/ autodimming mirror option, Limited, all TRD and up 2024+
    Toyota Venza AWD Various 2021
    Lexus CT200h w/o Parking Assist 2015-2017
    Lexus ES 250 AWD Various 2021-2023
    Lexus ES 300h Various 2013-2023
    Lexus ES 350 Various 2013-2023
    Lexus ES 350 F Sport Various 2019-2023
    Lexus GS 200t Standard / F Sport 2016-2017
    Lexus GS 300 Various 2015-2019
    Lexus GS 350 Standard/AWD/F Sport 2015-2020
    Lexus GS 450h Various 2015-2018
    Lexus GS F Various 2015-2020
    Lexus GX 460 Various 2017-2023
    Lexus GX 460 w/o Automatic High Beam System 2015-2016
    Lexus IS 200t Various 2016-2017
    Lexus IS 250 Various 2015
    Lexus IS 250 AWD Various 2011-2015
    Lexus IS 250 C Various 2014-2015
    Lexus IS 250 / IS 250 C Various 2011-2013
    Lexus IS 300 Various 2018-2021
    Lexus IS 300 AWD Various 2016-2021
    Lexus IS 350 / IS 350 AWD Various 2012-2021
    Lexus IS F Various 2010-2014
    Lexus LC 500 / LC 500h Various 2018-2021
    Lexus LC 500 Convertible 2021
    Lexus LS 500 / LS 500h Standard / AWD 2018-2021
    Lexus LX 570 Various 2013-2021
    Lexus NX 200t Standard / AWD / F Sport 2015-2017
    Lexus NX 300 Standard / AWD / F Sport 2018-2021
    Lexus NX 300h Various 2015-2016
    Lexus NX 300h AWD 2015-2021
    Lexus RC 200t Various 2016-2017
    Lexus RC 300 Various 2018-2021
    Lexus RC 300 AWD 2016-2021
    Lexus RC 350 / RC 350 AWD Various 2015-2021
    Lexus RC F Various 2015-2021
    Lexus RX 350 Standard / AWD 2015-2023
    Lexus RX 350 L Standard / AWD 2018-2023
    Lexus RX 450h Various 2015-2016
    Lexus RX 450h AWD 2015-2022
    Lexus RX 450h L AWD 2018-2022
    Lexus UX 200 Various 2019-2021
    Lexus UX 250h Various 2019-2021

    *Don’t see yours on the list? Learn how you can check your vehicle's connector type by reviewing our compatibility guide