Ford Mustang Mach-E Installation

Dash Cam Power Adapter (5-Pin Type F) for Select Ford - Dongar Technologies LLC

Items Needed:

  • Dongar Technologies 5-Pin Type F Dash Cam Power Adapter
  • USB-powered dash cam

  1. Tilt your mirror downwards.
  2. Pull down on the plastic shroud starting in the top-left corner (closest to you) to release the clip. This can easily be done with your finger tips, but a pry-tool could be used here as well.
  3. With one portion unlatched, go ahead and run your fingers along the plastic shroud to undo the remaining clips keeping the entire assembly in place. There is a total of 5 clips that keep the entire assembly in place.
  4. Locate the 5-pin connector. Press down on the tab and pull the connector straight out.
  5. Connect your Dongar dash cam adapter.
  6. Route the cables accordingly, re-assemble the plastic shroud and attach your USB powered dash cam to the Dongar adapter.

Installation Examples: