2022 Honda Civic Installation

Dash Cam Power Adapter (12-Pin Type B) for Select Honda/Acura - Dongar Technologies LLC

Items Needed:

  • Dongar Technologies 12-Pin Type B Dash Cam Power Adapter
  • USB-powered dash cam


  1. Tilt the mirror down and to the side for better access to the plastic shroud.
  2. The plastic shroud on this vehicle consists of a few moving parts. Start off by removing the bottom portion of the plastic shroud. This is a 2-piece assembly that's held in place by 3 tabs.
  3. Remove the larger plastic panel by gently pulling down or using a pry tool. This is held in place by 2 snap-fit joints.
  4. Locate the connector port on the vehicle and disconnect by simply pushing down on the tab and pulling straight out.
  5. Install the 12-pin Dongar dash cam adapter designed for Honda vehicles.
  6. Tidy up the cables and re-assemble the plastic shroud in order of removal.
  7. Finally, attach the USB powered dash cam to the Dongar adapter - Installation complete!

Installation Examples: