2013+ BRZ Installation

Items Needed:

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Plastic pry tool (included in purchase)
  • Power adapter (included in purchase)
  • Dash cam (included in purchase)
  • MicroSD card (included in purchase)


  1. Make sure your vehicle is turned OFF before starting any installation. For easier access, move your rearview mirror pointing downwards. Disconnect your Dongar adapter into two pieces (the USB port, and the two port harness – these connect via two red connectors).
  2. Locate the plastic shroud above your mirror and pop the wide panel off using the provided pry tool – to do this, gently insert your tool at the side edge of the panel to gently pry it down while you work the tool around the edges of the panel. Make sure to be mindful of tabs when prying the piece off!
  3. Once the panel is off, you’ll see two 8mm hex bolts securing the upper panel in place. Use your 8mm socket wrench to unscrew both.
  4. With the bolts out, you can now lower the large surrounding panel. To do this, gently push in on the tabs at the front and slowly pry and work your way around the perimeter (with the included tool) to release it from the headliner. (Do not attempt to pull this all the way down or off – the panel will not drop since it still has other connections in place, and you will need to unclip 4 connectors in the next step).
  5. Once you lower the panel, you will see a white connector. Plug in the matching part of your Dongar 2 port harness.
  6. Now, connect the USB portion of your Dongar adapter with the 2 port harness by joining the 2 red connectors.
  7. Confirm that your adapter has been plugged in correctly by turning on your vehicle to see if the USB module is receiving power – you should see a blue light on the USB module once you turn your vehicle on.
  8. Once you have confirmed there is power running to your USB module, peel off the adhesive backing and mount your USB module. We recommend mounting it on the side of your rearview mirror mount, but you may mount it where you prefer.
  9. Once the USB module is mounted, tuck any hanging wires (including those of the adapter) back up.
  10. Reassemble the plastic shroud. To do this, simply push the larger shroud back up and reinsert/tighten the two screws previously removed. Then, snap the smaller panel back into its original place.
  11. If you haven't already, insert your included MicroSD Card into the Dash Cam Mini. Then, connect the Dash Cam Mini to the USB module with your included short USB cable.
  12. Mount your dash cam on your preferred area of your windshield. Your dash cam will now power on when you turn on your vehicle.
  13. Turn vehicle ON to ensure your device is receiving power. Once you have confirmed that your device is correctly powered, turn your vehicle OFF.

Installation Examples: