USB Hardwire Kit Installation


Tools Needed:

  • Dongar Technologies USB Hardwire Kit
  • USB-powered dash cam
  • Plastic pry tool (included in purchase)


4runner IGN NO.2.jpg__PID:0577b1e5-fd52-4c87-a3c3-08e9686c543f

Step 1

Find your fusebox and relevant fuse. These are typically located in footwell. You can consult your user manual or the internet. For example: here are the ignition switched fuses you can use on Toyota 4Runner:  

2024-01-22 09_47_19-4runner-dongar-wiring-harness-install-step-6.png__PID:57adbcde-2e66-4b1d-8b42-04f3d6bb8adc

Step 2

Install the appropriate add-a-fuse adapter. Our kit comes with the 4 most common sizes. Connect Our 12V-to-USB module.

Step 3

Route your wiring from the fusebox, up the A-pillar of your vehicle, finishing somewhere near the top of your windshield. Removing interior panels might be required. Depending on the vehicle, you might get away with simply pushing the wiring up into the various interior crevices and gaps. Be careful not to interfere with any airbags or safety computers that might be hidden.

Step 4

Finish the installation by mounting the USB module somewhere convenient. We recommend attaching the module to the windshield or near the rearview mirror using the pre-cut adhesive pad on the USB module.