Powering Your Dash Cam

Rearview Mirror Power

Can you power a dash cam from your rearview mirror?
If you have an auto-dimming mirror, you can! 😎

Our dash cam adapters add a USB port in parallel to your auto-dimming mirror's fuse-protected power circuit. They also feature built-in overvoltage and overcurrent protection for added safety.

Step 1: Check your rearview mirror for any power

Examine your rearview mirror to see if it has any built-in features or ports that could support powering a device like a dash cam. Typically, the presence of a dimming lever (pictured below) indicates a non-powered mirror. The presence of garage door buttons or LED lights indicates an auto-dimming mirror.




"I see a power connector located directly behind the mirror"

Great! Our adapters plug directly behind the mirror. Installation is easy: simply unplug your rearview mirror, install the Dongar adapter, then reconnect the mirror. You now have a convenient USB port that will turn on and off with your vehicle!


"I think I have an auto-dimming mirror or I have garage door buttons, but don't see a power connector"

No problem! Your auto-dimming mirror has a power connector that's hidden beneath a plastic shroud. We've designed windshield-mountable USB adapters with custom-length wiring for the perfect fit.

Step 3: Get your adapter!

Roof Connector Power

  • Did you know that your vehicle might be pre-wired for a dash cam?

    For example, as of model year 2023, Toyota is includes a convenient 12V power line in the domelight cavity. This is placed here for stealerships to install Toyota's offical dash cam option (MSRP $315 + labor... yikes!). Our adapter uses this same power connector and allows you to install your own USB-powered dashcam!

    Our 5-pin Type A adapter is compatible with all 2023+ Tundra, BZ4X, Sequoia and 2024+ Tacoma vehicles.

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Fuse Box Power

  • Don't have an auto-dimming mirror or the roof connector?

    No problem! Our universal fusebox wiring kit is compatible with any vehicle.

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  • USB Hardwire Kit - Dongar Technologies LLC

Driver Aid Computer Power


    Our current products will not work if plugged into Toyota or Lexus Safety Sense computer.

    While the plugs are similar, the power wiring is different and will cause your vehicle's Lane Keep Assist & Anti-Collision systems to malfunction until disconnected.

    Do not attempt to plug any of our products into this computer module.

    We are aware of another brand based out of Asia that sells dash cams that use this connector. Please note that your vehicle will alert you via your dashboard notifications if this system malfunctions. It might be reasonably safe to "share" power from this computer to power these types of dash cams, but the driver should be aware of the indications that their Lane Keep Assist or Anti-Collision warning systems are malfunctioning. As we're a US-based company, we're assessing the liability and safety concerns surrounding this power method and intend to consult with independent experts to release a product in 2024.