2022 Toyota Tundra Installation

Dash Cam Power Adapter (5-Pin Types A, B, & D) for Select Toyota/Lexus - Dongar Technologies LLC

Items Needed:

  • Dongar Technologies 5-Pin Type A Dash Cam Power Adapter
  • USB-powered dash cam


  1. Tilt the mirror down and to the side for better access to the plastic shroud.
  2. Remove the plastic shroud to access the roof connector on the vehicle using a pry tool. The panel is held in place by a few snap-fit joints.
  3. Locate the 5-pin connector in the cavity above.
  4. Install the 5-pin Type A Dongar dash cam adapter designed specifically for Toyota Tundra vehicles.
  5. Route the USB power cable through the front of the plastic shroud and re-install the plastic panel.
  6. Finally, attach the USB powered dash cam to the Dongar adapter - Installation complete!

Installation Examples: