2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Installation

Items Needed:

  • Dongar Technologies 10-Pin Type B Dash Cam Power Adapter
  • USB-powered dash cam

  • Tilt the mirror down for better access to the plastic shroud.
  • This vehicle has a 2-panel plastic shroud. To remove the inner panel, wedge your fingers between the headliner and the inner panel and pull straight down.
  • Remove the larger panel by sliding the entire assembly down and away. This panel is held in place by 2 clips.
  • Locate the connector port. This particular vehicle requires a 10-pin Type B Dongar adapter. Note: Do not disconnect the 12-pin connector which powers the Toyota Safety Sense system.
  • Attach the Dongar adapter into the vehicles connector port.
  • Route the cables accordingly and re-assemble the plastic shroud.
  • Attach the USB powered dash cam to the Dongar adapter - Installation complete!

Installation Examples: