2019 Lexus RX 350L w/ AWD Installation

Items Needed:

  • Dongar Technologies 10-Pin Type B Dash Cam Power Adapter
  • USB-powered dash cam


  1. Tilt the mirror down for better access to the plastic shroud.
  2. This vehicle has a 2-panel plastic shroud. To remove the inner panel, wedge your fingers between the headliner and the inner panel and pull straight down.
  3. Remove the larger panel by sliding the entire assembly down and away. This panel is held in place by 2 clips.
  4. Locate the connector port. This particular vehicle requires a 10-pin Type B Dongar adapter. Note: Do not disconnect the 12-pin connector which powers the Toyota Safety Sense system.
  5. Attach the Dongar adapter into the vehicles connector port.
  6. Route the cables accordingly and re-assemble the plastic shroud.
  7. Attach the USB powered dash cam to the Dongar adapter - Installation complete!

Installation Examples: