Maui Relief

Maui local residents are still contending with the devastating impacts left behind by the recent fires. Now more than ever, it’s important to continue to help our fellow neighbors as they rebuild and support their community.

As a team rooted on the west coast and deeply attached to Maui and the Hawaiian islands, we are eager to contribute our part. From now through September 4th, we’re pledging to donate 5% of all sales on towards Maui relief efforts, through Maui United Way.

Together, we can make a positive impact and assist in the recovery of this beloved community.

Maui United Way

Maui United Way’s mission is to bridge resources that enrich and empower the County of Maui community. They are providing immediate financial assistance through grants to nonprofits at the forefront of relief efforts and to households that have been affected.

Rated at 100% on, they are considered a transparent, efficient, sustainable, and trustworthy charity.

Learn more about Maui United Way