2020+ 4Runner Installation Kit

Complete Dashcam Kit for 2020+ Toyota 4Runner - Dongar Technologies LLC

Items Needed:

  • Plastic pry tool (included in purchase)
  • Power adapter (included in purchase)
  • Dash cam (included in purchase)
  • MicroSD card (included in purchase)


  1. Before starting the installation, ensure that your vehicle is fully off.
  2. Remove the outer plastic wire cover at the base of your mirror. To do this, insert your plastic pry tool underneath the two pry points (on either side of the plastic cover), one at a time, and very slightly twist the pry tool in order to disengage the cover’s plastic snap fit teeth from the inner cover. Then, slide the cover DOWN and toward the cabin to remove. Be careful not to damage the plastic headliner tabs.
  3. Now, disengage the inner plastic wire cover. To do this, insert your plastic pry tool underneath the two pry points (on either side of the cover), one at a time, and pull outwards to disengage the plastic snap fit joints. 
  4. The full wire cover will now be free from the mirror – pull the inner wire cover UP and toward the cabin to fully remove it from the rearview mirror. The 10-pin mirror connection port should now be visible.
  5. Remove the overhead console assembly.
  6. For SR5 models (with auto-dimming mirrors): Open the sunglass compartment and undo the two exposed screws.
  7. For TRD models: Remove the Multi-Terrain Switch console. You can unlatch it by working the pry bar tool around the perimeter of the console. Once it is unlatched, undo the two exposed screws.
  8. With the two screws removed, gently pull the rear of the overhead console downwards to disengage the plastic studs. Do not pull with excessive force – doing so can damage the electrical harness.
  9. Disconnect the overhead console wire connector by gently pinching the plastic tab at the center of the connector and pulling outwards. Do not use excessive force or pull on the wires.
  10. Disconnect the mirror by gently depressing the plastic tab in the center of the connector and pulling. Do not pull on the harness.
  11. Route the dash cam adapter through the headliner.
  12. Disconnect the factory rearview mirror and connect the male end of the adapter into the connector at the base of the mirror. Connect the original mirror plug into the adapter.
  13. Replace the inner cover (make sure to be careful with the plastic teeth at the top and bottom of the cover) and place a cable tie behind the inner cover before proceeding. (But do not fasten the cable tie yet!)
  14. Replace the outer wire cover by loosely placing the outer cover over the inner cover, and then placing the two plastic tabs into the gap between the windshield and headliner. Once these plastic tabs are underneath the headliner, press firmly over the body of the cover to snap it securely onto the inner cover. Slide the cover up towards the roof of the vehicle – you should hear a soft ‘zipping’ sound as you slide the cover.
  15. Secure the USB module to the outside of the plastic wire covers using the cable tie you previously placed. Once you have fastened the cable tie, trim away the excess.
  16. Reinstall the overheard switch consoling by performing steps 6 and 6 in reverse.
  17. Mount your dash cam. We recommend choosing a location that does not obstruct the driver’s vision and is just out-of-sight so that the driver can easily lean over to verify the camera is functioning.
  18. Connect your dash cam to the USB module with the provided mini USB cable. Turn your vehicle on to power the dash cam.

Installation Examples:

Additional Explanation Photo
Additional Explanation Photo