Dash Cam Power Adapter (3-pin Porsche, key way 2)

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Uses the power from your rearview mirror or light/rain sensor!

We designed this product to plug into the autodimming rearview mirror power for Porsche 991 911, 718, 981. Verified fit with BMW light/rain sensorĀ 61357939176,Ā 61359254025, MKV Supra (constant-on only)Ā and more!

Power on pin 1, ground on pin2. Please verify keying:


Dongar TechnologiesĀ 3-pin dashcam installation kit. This product includes two 50cm USB cables (MicroUSB and MiniUSB). Please note that auto dimming mirror is required.Ā Prior to purchase, please verify connector.

This product is designed for select Porsche vehicles requiring 3-pin connectors. This product may be compatible with other Porsche vehicles, so please contact support@dongartechnologies.com if you have any questions about your vehicle.

Dongar Technologies dashcam adapter allows easy plug-and-play installation of a USB device with no permanent modification to your vehicle. The adapter utilizes the built-in power source connected to your rearview mirror to power a dashcam without the need of additional wires obstructing your view.Ā 

Note: Professional installation is recommended for this product