Toyota Tacoma (2024+) Installation Kit

Complete Dash Cam Kit for Toyota Tacoma (2024+) - Dongar Technologies LLC

Benötigte Artikel:

  • Plastic pry tool (included in purchase)
  • Power adapter (included in purchase)
  • Dash cam (included in purchase)
  • MicroSD card (included in purchase)


  1. Remove your rearview mirror’s plastic shroud (first the inner piece, then the larger outer piece). To do this, you can gently pry with your hands, or gently insert the included plastic pry tool around the edges of the plastic to loosen it.
  2. Disconnect the 10-pin mirror connector on the left side and plug it into the female end of your adapter. Then, take the corresponding male end of your adapter and plug it into the mirror port that you just unplugged.
  3. Mount your USB module on the windshield right next to the mirror console.
  4. Replace the larger plastic cover over the wires (first making sure they are neatly tucked in). Then, replace the smaller plastic cover in the center.
  5. Mount your dash cam on your windshield and plug it into the USB module using your included shorty USB cable.
  6. Turn on your vehicle to ensure the dash cam turns on at ignition.

Installation Examples: