Our Story

The story begins when a semi-truck made an aggressive lane change, failing to see Dongar Technologies' founder Kevin already occupying the lane in his own vehicle. Needless to say, Kevin's car was totaled in a spectacular collision. With law enforcement officers on the scene to write an official report of the incident, it was one driver's word versus the other...and you know how that goes.

Fast forward a few years and a dozen beater cars (and motorcycles) later and Kevin's burgeoning career in aerospace and pharmaceuticals meant he could finally afford a new car! A true car enthusiast, he loved buying aftermarket stuff for his vehicles. His first accessory—a dash cam.

Opening the box of the dash cam revealed a 6' USB cable permanently affixed to a 'cigarette lighter' style USB adapter, Refusing to let a ghastly USB cable dangle in his new car and confounded by the difficulty and effort required to elegantly install a dash cam, Kevin set out to create his own solution. Recognizing the increasing ubiquity and need for in-vehicle surveillance cameras, Kevin decided to bring his ideas to market and a company was born.

Dongar Technologies is run by a small team in the San Francisco Bay Area. To date, Dongar Technologies products have been installed in tens of thousands of vehicles all around the world.

Kevin Sayo

Kevin Sayo, Founder

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