About Us

The story starts with a semi-truck in Northern California. During a typical drive home one night, a semi-truck fails to see the vehicle of Dongar Technologies founder Kevin Sayo before making an aggressive lane change, totaling his car in a spectacular collision. With law enforcement officers on the scene to write an official report of the incident, it was one driver's word versus the other. And you know how that goes...

Fast forward a few years (and a few beater cars/bikes) later and Kevin's burgeoning career in the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries finally afforded him the ability to buy a new car. A lifelong car enthusiast, he loved buying aftermarket stuff for his vehicles. His first accessory—a dash cam.

Opening the box of the dash cam revealed a 6' USB cable permanently affixed to a 'cigarette lighter' style USB adapter, the length of which was simply not long to do anything with other than hang it straight down your field of view in order to reach the 12V receptacle. Alternatively 'hard-wire' kits were also available, but finding the correct ignition-switched fuse and removing interior panels were non-trivial.

Refusing to let a ghastly USB cable dangle in his new car and confounded by the difficulty and effort required to elegantly install a dash camera, Kevin set out to create his own solution. Recognizing the increasing ubiquity and need for surveillance cameras, Kevin decided to bring his ideas to market and a company was born.

To date, Dongar Technologies products have been installed in tens of thousands of vehicles all around the world.    

Our Mission

Dongar Technologies' mission is to develop innovative automotive products for those who value accountability on the road. 

Kevin Sayo

Kevin Sayo, founder of Dongar Technologies